26 avril 2021

How to Help Your Client Manage Their Emotional Triggers with Practical Skills They Can Use in Real Time (Videos, Audios & Transcripts)

When clients get triggered, it can set off a chain reaction of emotional overwhelm and reactivity.

So how do we help clients shift out of this difficult cycle when their nervous system starts to rev up (or shut down)?

First, we have to look at specific ways to keep a triggered emotion from overwhelming the client.

Then we have to focus on breaking powerful behavior-trigger-reward loops.

From there, we have to undo the hidden traps left behind on their nervous system from trauma and attachment breakdowns.

Most importantly, we have to help the client carry this work out into the real world so that they become empowered.

That’s why we got together with 26 top experts and asked for their best strategies for working with clients’ emotional triggers. For the first time ever, all their expert insights have been gathered in one place . . 

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