21 mai 2021

Successful Ways to Work With Clients Who Struggle With Deep Feelings of Shame

When a client experiences shame, they live in constant fear of being rejected. And they become trapped in the avoidance strategies they create to escape the pain.

However, shame left untreated grows more powerful. And it can often lead our clients into behaviors that invite even greater shame.

But to effectively work with shame, we have to understand its neurobiology and why it’s so difficult to erase its deep tracing on the nervous system. We need to know why shame vigilantly protects itself, and how our traditional treatments may be sustaining shame or driving it even deeper.

That’s why we’ve brought together 19 of the top experts in our field to bring you . . .

get 14 videos, audios, and transcripts, including 2 bonuses to help you work more effectively with a client’s shame

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